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Bedford, Englad band Don Broco have thrown together one of the most unique albums of the past few years with Technology. It’s this weird amalgamate of post grunge, synth-wave, and U2 arena rock that never stops being entertaining.

Don Broco is a band that’s never had a consistent sound and you can say that’s the case here again too. There’s nothing predictable about the production or the music the guys are playing here except that it’s consistently going to push you to something unexpected. When there’s a lot of guitars featured on a song they’ll throw in a weird synth groove. When there’s a lot of synth featured on a track they’ll throw in a cool guitar lick. The entire album is like that and the lyrics take a similar approach.

The album Is an erratic one, but it plays like a weird indie film that runs too long. When you’re ready for it to wrap up after 45 minutes it just keeps going. So, while this record has some cool things going for it - It’s also really front-loaded with material making the back of the album is mostly a touch boring.

Don Broco’s latest album is one of their better works. The impulsiveness of everything is a clear strength. Give this a listen, you’re likely to find something you like.


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