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Here Come The Runts

AWOLNATION is an underrated act. That wasn’t true in the Megalithic Symphony days, but since then, that’s the case. All Aaron Bruno and his bandmates have done since that first album is put out awesome albums and put on better live shows. With the release of their latest album, Here Comes the Runts that trend is unlikely to change.

The new album from AWOLNATION is more tone-specific than the rest of the albums that the band has done. Right down the middle of all these songs, there’s a thread that ties them all together. That’s the vibe and sonic feel of the music. The songs flow perfectly into each other and they really compile to make a complete album.
As per the usual AWOLNATION album, Aaron Bruno steals the show. There’s nobody that writes music quite like this and there’s really nobody who can deliver it as well as Bruno can. He’s always impressive, and on this album he’s impressive on every song.

Another strength with this AWOLNATION record is the frantic production and perfect use of space. Some of these songs are chaotic in sound with a lot going on while others utilize a lot of space. Even though everything flows really well, no song really sounds the same either.

The latest AWOLNATION is easily the group’s best work since their huge debut. It’s hard to say if there’s a single that’s going to match “Sail” here – that was the perfect storm of luck for AWOLNATION – but it is easy to say that all AWOLNATION fans are going to love to see these songs live.


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