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Dock Watch Hollow

The Deed EP

Jersey has given us Springsteen, and Gaslight Anthem just to name a couple of great acts to come out of the Garden State. New music pops out of Jersey often and in big ways and our latest favorite is Dock Watch Hollow.

Dock Watch Hollow is like the acoustic trio version of Taking Back Sunday. There’s a big influence of punk rock and TBS’s own take on modern/punk rock that they took and made famous on Louder Now on the new EP from Dock Watch Hollow. The EP, called The Deed is an acoustic-heavy three-song set that shows off the potential that these three have. “Happy Accident”, “All Black Suits”, and “U.F.O.” all push the band’s unpredictle, but still melodic style. For every vocal hook in a chorus there’s an exuberantly weird moment that leads up to it. For every cool intro to a song there’s an odd verse that takes over. The difference between what Dock Watch Hollow does and what other band’s have tried to do is they keep it different enough to make it excite without pulling the sound away too much from what makes the song and the band’s sound good in the first place.

It’s true the band doesn’t do everything perfectly; the production here is a little rough around the edges, and the songwriting probably is too. But that’s part of what’s so likable about this band. It’s rare you hear something that’s this raw but still this good – Dock Watch Hollow has that. Their first year was 2017 and they released two solid EPs to kick things off right. We’ll be watching this band throughout this year to hear what they do next. With some work and some luck, they could turn themselves into a Jersey success story.


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