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Moon Taxi’s new album Let The Record Play is an easy pick for album of the month in January. The album takes what the indie rock heroes from Nashville have done so well for years – making great music – and adds some key pop music traits. This album is an amalgamation of Moon Taxi, indie music, modern pop, Prince, and classic R&B and 80s-inspired music. It’s one hell of an album and the band’s best work to date.

All of Let The Record Play is one big head nodding session. The ten tracks here are all great. The title track on the album pushes things off perfectly and it doesn’t lose any momentum. The whole album plays like one big jam – even when they slow it down on a few songs. There’s more of an incorporation of the rhythm section with this record than there’s been in the past. Previously Moon Taxi was pretty guitar-heavy, (see “The New Black”) but here they let bassist Tommy Putnam and keyboardist Wes Baily push this album into some exciting spots. Spencer Thomson mixes in key guitar parts and some excellent synth work all over the album too. Frontman Trevor Terdrup has always been great for Moon Taxi and that’s certainly the case with Let The Record Play. Terdrup’s vocal is impressive here on every song and he effortlessly captain’s the band through this album.

Moon Taxi’s Let The Record Play should be the band’s push into the general public. At the very least it will keep current fans of the group happy and add plenty of more to their base that are listening to something close right now. There’s not a bad song or a dull moment on this record and let’s hope it gets the band wherever they want to go.


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