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Blue Madonna

Following up his debut album Dopamine, Garret Borns aka BORNS is back with a new album called Blue Madonna. His sophomore album is just as good as his debut record and it further establishes the singer/songwriter as a credible artist in today’s music landscape. It’s filled with soul-infused pop music and showcases the talents of the Michigan-originated musician.

“Blue Madonna” feels a lot like a sophomore record. This is a good thing. It’s not as sugar coated with pop as the singer’s debut record. It’s a different animal. There are plenty of hooks and there are plenty of pop songs on this album, but everything feels like it’s more refined. Not more polished, more refined. Everything here feels sophisticated. Even on a song that’s a straight-forward pop song like “I Don’t Want U Back” it sounds more like a sophisticated Prince song from the 80s and less like a music industry funded Ke$ha song from this era. “Faded Heart”, “We Don’t Care”, and “Sweet Dreams” all fall in line with that statement too. They’re catchy, but they’re intelligent too. That and BORNS’ falsetto-awesome vocal are the main reasons why this album is so good.

If you can say anything negative about this record, it’s that this album might not be as entertaining as the first record. It’s better in a lot of ways, but It also feels like it’s more work to listen to. The first record felt like a short but enjoyable listen. This one just feels like it’s more work to listen to because there are a couple of songs that aren’t as entertaining as the rest of the record and there are some boring moments smattered in with some great ones.

The sophomore record from BORNS is overall an outstanding one. He’ll keep going and he’ll continue to keep moving upward as a recognized artist. He’s too talented and his music is too good for that not to be the case. Yes, there are some spots where he could have done things better or differently to make this record better than what it is, but it’s still a tremendous listen and will be guaranteed to be one of the better albums to come out in 2018.


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