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After taking a few years off from recording and releasing music, SAINTS OF VALORY have had a busy six months. They’ve released three singles – “SET IT ON FIRE”, “PAINKILLER”, and “RED SMOKE.” Now, they’ve also released a new three song EP that contrasts those three singles in a big way. The EP is called the Sleepless EP, and it’s a new direction for the band.

The new EP features three new songs; “I HAVEN’T BEEN MYSELF LATELY”, “WINGS OF COLOR”, and the short but sweet “TRAUNSEE + IYLDWU.” “I HAVEN’T BEEN MYSELF LATELY” is a very emotional and poignant song from the trio that really highlights the passion that frontman Gavin Jasper can sing with. The song stands out and catapults itself into the top 3 area of Saints of Valory songs to be released so far. Likewise, “WINGS OF COLOR” is an emotional song that will resonate with fans and newcomers alike. “TRAUNSEE + IYLDWU” is an odd track that sounds more like an interlude for something. It’s produced well and sounds great, but it’s an odd thing to include on an EP that’s only three songs long. The difference between these three songs and the three previously released singles and other Saints of Valory material is that there’s not a vocal hook in a chorus. Really, there’s nothing that’s like the formal pop song structure that we’ve heard from Saints of Valory before. These aren’t radio friendly pop songs. Save for a guitar hook in “I HAVEN’T BEEN MYSELF LATELY” there’s not much of anything with a hook on this EP – a substantial change for Saints of Valory.

These three songs and the three new singles that the band has released in the past six months are an odd collection of music but a welcome addition to a band’s catalog that doesn’t have nearly enough in it for how good they are. Here’s hoping that Saints of Valory keeps up with their current pace and we get at least six more songs from the band in 2018. What they’ve released recently, including this EP, is outstanding.


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