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Con Etiquette

The Company We Keep EP

Con Etiquette’s new EP The Company We Keep is a big step up from their last album, “Resulting In…” the production is better, the music is better, and the songs are better too. Even though there’s only three songs here, these three songs are three of the best songs we’ve heard at an independent level in the hard rock genre in a long time. “Et Tu, Brute?” struggles from a production standpoint at the start of the song but somewhere between the beginning and the end of the song it manages to recover to the point to where you don’t even remember that it didn’t have that great of an opening. The verses, and the chorus are tremendous. “You Thought Time” has a badass guitar line to it and a hook in the chorus that’s punchy enough to make bands like Bayside jealous. Unlike the opening track on the record, it starts and finishes about as strong as it could possibly could. There’s some nice moments guitars/screaming at the end of the song that really finish it off well. “Trial” is the somber/atmospheric ballad at the end of the three song EP and it does an excellent job of utilizing space with some simple guitar work to go along with a nice melody to create a song that can hit home with the listener on an emotional level. Con Etiquette’s new three song EP is tremendous, listen along to these songs – they’re different but they’re all damn good too.


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