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Andy Grammer

The Good Parts

Andy Grammer is undoubtedly one of the best more-recent success stories. He’s the son of Red Grammer – a critically acclaimed musician known for making music for children. Early on in his journey to put out his own music, he was a street performer. Then, with his debut self-titled album he made a splash with “Keep Your Head Up” and the rest is really history. His most recent work The Good Parts keeps up with the trend that Grammer has already set. He’s a tremendous song writer, lyricist, and vocalist.

The Good Parts has plenty of good parts to it. Grammer’s songwriting style is cool because it’s so exclusive to him. Nobody writes lyrics quite like him – songs like “Smoke Clears”, “Workin’ On It’, “Grown Ass Man Child” and a few other songs have lyrics in them that have no business sounding cool, or even legitimate, and he manages to pull it off over and over. It helps that Grammer’s singing is always spot on. He’s one of the most original performers to come up in pop music in a long time.

With his lyrics and his vocal Grammer will keep you entertained with this album. There’s not a boring moment on the record or a song that doesn’t belong. The album is his best work to date and one that you’ll be listening to for years to come.


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