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Falling Through April


Late last year when Falling Through April released their single and subsequent video for their song “Desperate Measures” we knew they were onto something. We knew that new lead singer Mikalea Salazar was kind of a vocal badass – and we were taking that just from one song. Now that we’ve heard the rest of the album we can confirm as much. Produced by Jon King, Falling Through April’s Zodiac
When you talk about this record the first thing that comes to mind is Salazar. She impresses on this album on nearly every song – whether it’s a straight-across rock track, a pop rock song, or a ballad – her work here is exceptional. Her range is outstanding, but she’s got this attitude on every song that you can immediately pick up on. Her vocal has a ton of personality to it and that’s never a bad trait to have. Outside of Salazar, Dan Candia and Jim Siani play some badass guitar and Dave Piontek deliver some cool bass/drum lines on this record. Plus, Jon King does a spectacular job of producing these songs. He’s done some splendid work in the past, but this might be the best album he’s done.

Falling Through April will hopefully climb the ranks in rock throughout 2018. It’s a great album and Mikaela Salazar is equally good as a frontwoman. This record should get your attention, because once it does it’s sure to keep it.


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