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Bleacher Days

I Only Saw True Purpose EP

Massachusetts act Bleacher Days is a new personal favorite. I can’t get enough of their EP, I Only Saw True Purpose . This band is so damn good. Vocalist Wren Mohammed is a badass. His work across this EP is outstanding. On the opening track “Once Again” he showcases one of my favorite pop punk vocals ever; he’s tremendous. The whole band is great, but on the opening track Mohammed and guitarists Liam Hurson and Peter Johnston really stand out. That song, “Losing Patience”, and “Some Strain of You” are big highlights for this band on this EP. You also can give some props to producer Chris Piquette – he does a guest vocal on “All Out War” on this album too – but his production here is perfect for this band. It’s rough, it’s dirty, and it’s not over-produced. He got this EP to sound great without overdoing it.

This EP is great. Most of this EP is perfect for pop punk fans. Not every song is great, but the band itself is solid. Pop Punk isn’t dead, it’s seen a recent swell in popularity recently. This band could lead the charge for the next wave of acts in the genre.


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