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Listening through the Green Day greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band it feels a little unnecessary. Then there’s the new collection from Frank Turner, Songbook, and it’s the opposite.

For the retrospect look from Turner you’re getting a career-spanning selection of the biggest songs from Turner as well as fresh versions of older material and the new song, “There She Is.” The set features 18 old classics and the new song and then reworked versions of older songs including “The Way I Tend To Be” and “Long Live The Queen.” The rereleased music is kind of just.. meh. Again, sets like this seem unnecessary in the streaming marketplace that’s out there right now. But… the songbook versions of the 10 older songs are tremendous listens. Some sound subtly different than their original versions, and other sound vastly different. It’s cool to hear an older song like “Photosynthesis” and then here the new take on it.

Turner’s Songbook is an outstanding collection from the singer/songwriter and it’s curated perfectly through the re-released material that’s featured here. The new song, “There She Is” is a good one and the songbook versions – reworked and rerecorded – are all brilliant. If you’re a Turner fan, then this is a must pickup or a must listen.


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