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A Light That Blinds EP

Callum Burrows AKA Saint Raymond just put out another EP. The EP, titled A Light That Blinds isn’t his strongest work to date, but it’s on par with what he’s released in the past. If you’re not familiar with Burrows’ music, now is as good a time as any to get into it, because it’s likely that his notoriety will continue to expand outside of the UK where he’s doing quite well.

The new EP from Saint Raymond features four great songs. “Younger” is more of a traditional pop song with classic instrumentation. The hook in the chorus is terrific and the reverb added to the guitar throughout the track is outstanding. “Nightcrawling” is more along the lines of the Saint Raymond that we’ve heard with his previous work. It’s very atmospheric and there’s a lot electronic work throughout the song with some organic instrumentation peppered in. “Last Time” has the best guitar line among the four songs on the EP and it’s probably the simplest song that Burrows has created. There’s not a lot on the song other than Burrows and his guitar. There are some harmonies at the end of the song that were added to via production, but it’s still a very cool stripped-down song. “We Are Fire” is a pop song that would fit in with the Young Blood album perfectly. It has an amazing chorus and the production all over the song is magnificent.

The latest EP from Saint Raymond might not be as good as what he had in Young Blood – but it’s close. All four of these songs are good and they’ll be listened to by a lot of people throughout the rest of this year and into next. Hopefully this EP is the lead in to another album coming from Burrows in 2018.


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