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Tracks You Might Have Missed, Vol. 1

UK label Thumbhole Records just released a very cool, very punk rock album. Tracks You Might Have Missed, Vol. 1 features 20 songs from 20 different artists that cover just about every spectrum of punk I can think of. Every subgenre of punk rock is covered here, acoustic, screamo, punkabilly, pop punk – you could go on and on. There’s a lot of music here and none of it sounds the same.

The compilation is aptly titled, these are songs we missed, mostly because we’ve never heard of 90% of these bands. This is a good thing. We’re always out to find music we haven’t heard before and this compilation certainly applies to that. From Captain Trips all the way to the Boom Sons, these bands have some badass music and none of them sound the same.

The other thing to love about this compilation is how it was put together. These 20 songs are sequenced to perfection by genre and by tone and mood. There’s not anything anybody would do differently in that regard. Even the final song on this album – “I Hate My Postman” from Ding Dong Probably – is the perfect end note for this compilation that does an excellent job of covering the gamut of the genre.

Thumbhole Records put together something brilliant with this collection. Personally, as a lover of all things punk rock, I found at least five bands that I’m going to continue to listen to. I know that I’ll keep coming back to this compilation too. Volume 1 means the first, so hopefully there’s many more of these coming out in the future, we’ll be on the lookout for them and you should be too. This compilation is outstanding.


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