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What If Nothing

WALK THE MOON’s third record, What If Nothing sees the band follow up a record that catapulted them into the top tier of bands around the world. TALKING IS HARD was a success thanks in large part to “Shut Up and Dance” one of the most popular songs of this decade. With their third record, WALK THE MOON seems to be trying to grow on their status while returning to their core sound from their debut self-titled album.

With the last album, WALK THE MOON took some very big steps into pop music. Co-writes and catchy singles abound on TALKING IS HARD. They certainly don’t abandon that on “What If Nothing”, but they do ease off the pedal a bit. There are a few songs with strong single potential. “One Foot” seems to be doing well for the band as a debut. “Kamikaze” and “All Night” are potential singles too. They’re addictive songs that will resonate with avid and casual listeners of the band. That said, there’s some interesting moments on this record that are like the band’s early years. There are four to five songs on this album that are far more worried about being just good WALK THE MOON songs than being single-worthy. This is a good thing. Even on the catchier songs like “Headphones” – they still have some weird WALK THE MOON lyrics that are fun to listen to.

WALK THE MOON will continue their upward trend with “What If Nothing.” There are few bands that are more fun to listen to or to see live. The guys from Cincinnati have shown that they’re here to say and their audience will continue to grow.


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