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ROMES impressed us when they first came out with “Believe” and they continued to impress when they released their single “Someone.” Now, the band is out with their debut self-titled LP. It’s not a bad record, but it doesn’t meet what we expected out of the band when they first busted onto the scene.

From all over the world, ROMES consists of four talented musicians and song writers. You can hear that all over this album. They’re great on the aforementioned singles and they’re great on songs like “Tryna Be” and “Spend The Night” too. The production is fun, addictive, raw, and polished – all rolled into one. The vocals all over the album are tremendous and the musicianship is great across the board too. We even dig the atmospheric elements that really set the tone and mood of the record all through these eleven songs. If there’s anything that struggles, it’s that these songs are all too similar, and apart from “Believe” - which has been out for ever a year – there’s nothing here that really has that ‘wow’ factor that was expected out of this album.

They did an excellent job of putting together eleven songs that will impress new listeners. Not a great debut ROMES, but not a bad one either.


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