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Kev Howell

Haunting Ambition

Kev Howell shows off his folk-rock ambitions with his debut album, Haunting Ambition.

Howell, who began working on original material back in 2014 with an old 8-track machine and a little bit of software has come a long way on his debut album. The album does a lot of things that are beyond the scope of an artist who is just releasing his debut. The music utilizes a lot of space – it’s never too busy – something that can be a problem with similar artists. There’s also a large focus on atmosphere and mood here – something that helps define Howell’s sound. Further defining that for Howell is his ability to provide a unique vocal to his music that’s borderline haunting.

Howell’s debut isn’t without it’s flaws. The nine songs here are all similar. The production could also use some work – the vocal isn’t recorded as clean as it could be and the post production could use some more detail. Still, it’s not a bad introduction to a very different kind of artist. Kev Howell’s doing some cool things and he has our attention.


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