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Fire Valley Fire

Bring An Army

Guitar driven music from an unsigned band is rare these days. That’s why hearing Fire Valley Fire’s Bring an Army was such a refreshing experience. FVF’s frontman Justin Vallis does an excellent job with his vocal – and the instrumentation is all great. The kind of music that these guys are trying to push has been lost over the past few years. These guys are good enough to help bring it back.

Bring An Army starts out with a little cow bell and a raucous guitar driven anthem called “Megaphone” and the impression is made right from the start. Fire Valley Fire’s best qualities are at the forefront of song – the guitar work and Justin Vallis’ voice. After that, the band goes 70’s inspired rock with “It’s Alright” and they show off their more mellow side on the track. “Wizard” is kind of a mash up between the first two songs. There’s a lot of guitar and there’s some nice 70’s rock inspirations there too. “Use Your Brain” does similar things, but the chorus isn’t as good as it had the potential to be. The title track – “Bring an Army” - runs at 6:28 long and it plays like a long guitar solo. “Child With a Gun” plays like a chaotic punk rock song. It starts out at 99 mph and never really slows down. All of those songs are big highlights on album that will definitely find a spot of resonance with fans of pure rock ‘n’ roll.

Fire Valley Fire’s “Bring An Army” is a strong introduction. There’s some things that need some work- most of it is nitpicking with guitar tones – trying something a little different from spot to spot. There’s something to be said for Justin Vallis’ ability to chameleon his vocal from song to song to fit what’s being played, it’s really impressive. Fire Valley Fire reminds me of The Trews – they don’t sound a lot a like – but they’re doing what they want to do. That’s what The Trews did. There’s a lot of potential and a lot of passion here and you can hear it everywhere on the album.


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