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Falling Through April

Desperate Measures - Single Review

Falling Through April’s new single, “Desperate Measures” off of their upcoming album, Zodiac introduces the band’s front woman, Mikaela Salazar in a big way. Salazar’s voice is the perfect fit for what the band does. It’s passionate while maintaining a semblance of raw edginess when it’s meant to be gritty. It’s smooth when the hook in the chorus calls for it. Mikaela’s vocal is great but you can’t discount the rest of the band either. Guitarists Dan Candia and Jim Siani do some solid work on this record and the post production and sampling work across the track are noteworthy as well.

Falling Through April’s old stuff wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t nearly as good as this is with Salazar at the helm on vocals. She does a wonderful job of bringing something energetic to that spot and the rest of the band seems to feed off her energy. Looking forward to “Zodiac” - it will be interesting to hear the whole record that the band was able to put together.


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