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The Housefox Sessions

Out of Sydney, Australia Pepperhead just released their second single, “Unresolved” from their EP “The Housefox Sessions.” The band, led by vocalist Louisa Thomas has a more traditional sound than most modern acts going right now. Crunching guitars and Thomas’ unique vocal lead the way making “The Housefox Sessions” an entertaining EP.

The EP was recorded at Housefox Studios on Sydney’s Northern Beaches by Ryan Miller – hence the name. The EP was mixed by Shane Edwards and mastered by Rick O’Neil. So, it really was a global effort from Pepperhead… and it sounds like it. The production doesn’t sound flawless – but it has a distinct personality. A personality that fits Thomas’ vocal perfectly. Thomas leads us through the four songs on this EP with passion and strength. I love her voice and I love what she’s doing on this record. The four songs on this EP are all pretty much straight-up rock songs with the occasional unique flair to them. Although it’s the second single, “Unresolved” is really the best song among the four. It’s a shorter, high-energy song. It’s a high-octane track that really shows off the best of what Pepperhead has to offer.

Pepperhead’s The Housefox Sessions has a lot of raw energy to it and a very unique personality too. That personality is in part because of the production and part because of the presence that Louisa Thomas brings. As the band continues to grow, we’ll be listening and we can’t wait to hear what they’re going to do next.


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