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The Wonder Years

Burst & Decay (An Acoustic EP)

There’s something lovable about an acoustic song from a pop punk band. The emotional lyrics ring even more true when the music is stripped down. Much to the delight of their fans The Wonder Years just released “Burst & Decay” an acoustic EP featuring some fan favorites. It’s not exactly fair to call this an acoustic EP though, there’s a lot more to it. It’s filled with lush textures and excellent production – just in the acoustic environment. Great Wonder Years songs like “Coffee Eyes”, “Dismantling Summer” and “A Song for Ernest Hemingway” sound great this way. They’re not better than the original versions of the songs, but they sound just different enough to get listened to by people in the right mood for them.

It might be a short seven song collection, but it’s interesting to hear the songs get this treatment. They’re both fun and almost easier to connect with than they’re fully fleshed-out electric counter parts. Fans will more likely take the traditional versions over these but that doesn’t mean they’re not a welcome addition to the catalog.


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