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The Lone Bellow

Walk Into a Storm

The Lone Bellow’s self-titled album that was released in 2013 kind of took the alt-country world by storm. There was an immediate attachment and connection to the intimate song writing styles of Zach Williams and the band was piled with praised. The follow-up to that album, “Then Came the Morning” didn’t quite make the lasting impression that the debut album did. Now, the band is out with their third record, “Walk Into a Storm” and whether the band gets the same kind of critical attention they got with the first record doesn’t really matter. The album is a dark and gloomy affair, but it’s also good.

The dual vocals of Williams and Kanene Donehey Pipkin are haunting at times. On this record, that’s an immediate strength. You also can’t undersell the impact that producer Dave Cobb has all over this new record. It’s lush and rich but eerie too. Cobb’s production matched the tone and feel of Zach Williams’ lyrics in the most perfect way. These ten songs sound and feel the way an album should. They ebb and flow from one to another.
“Walk Into a Storm” is dark and somewhat ominous but it’s also really good. It’s an alt country record that captures the essence of the genre in the most perfect way possible. Williams and Pipkin are both in top form here and Cobb was the perfect choice for a producer. If you’re a fan of the mellow and occasionally depressing alt country genre, which some of us are, then you’ll love this record.


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