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Wonderful Wonderful

It’s been roughly thirteen years since the Killers released “Hot Fuss”, one of the best albums of the last decade. That’s not an arguable statement. That album featured some great hits, but it also featured some unreal album songs too. Since then, The Killers have briefly flirted with being Bruce Springsteen wannabes on “Sam’s Town.” Then they went and made an album that made them sound like the pop version of Muse with “Day & Age.” Then, something funny happened with the band in 2012 with “Battle Born” they went back to what they did well on “Hot Fuss” and they made anthem pop rock that was unashamed to be what it was. That trend continues on their latest album, “Wonderful Wonderful.”

Like Battle Born before it, “Wonderful Wonderful” is content with what it is ; an album filled with pop rock anthems and the occasional melancholy moment. “The Man” is like the Killers version of an Isaac Hayes song. “Run for Cover” briefly covers the political climate. “Rut” has a wonderful relationship with music and lyrics – the music is bright and beautiful while the lyrics are somewhat depressing. Those are just the highlights of the record. There’s not a dull moment on the album. It even finishes off well with “Have All The Songs Been Written?” – an introspective song from frontman Brandon Flowers and co. where we get some hints that this might be the last Killers album we get.

The Killers’ “Wonderful Wonderful” is well… wonderful. It’s a good record and as good as “Battle Born” was, this album is better. It’s a short but beautiful trip through the mind of Flowers and one of their better pieces of work.


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