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Nothing But Thieves

Broken Machine

For all of the hype of the latest Foo Fighters’ album getting released, the sophomore album from UK act Nothing But Thieves hasn’t received that much attention. That said, the second album from Nothing But Thieves, Broken Machine is worth some major hype.

Broken Machine is fifteen songs of awesome. The best thing about Nothing But Thieves is that at their core they are the modern version of UK rock – you can put The Virginmarys and Young Guns in that same category. They’re that, but they are a lot more than that too. They do so many more eclectic things. They did that on their first record but they’re doing it twice as much here. There are guitar heavy songs like “I Was Just a Kid” and “Amsterdam” that have a lot of punk elements to them, then there’s the synth/bass heavy funk grooves like “Broken Machine.” For one band to start the way they do and then move into something that’s almost completely different is kind of remarkable. Give Nothing But Thieves credit for having that diverse of a sound and then give producer Mike Crossey credit for creating the proper environment to let the band be themselves.

Nothing But Thieves is a easily one of the best albums to come out during the later stages of 2017. More than that, it’s insanely good. For how good the latest album is from the Foo Fighters is, and it is great. This comes out under the radar and it’s just as good, if not slightly better.


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