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Concrete and Gold

At this point, nothing the Foo Fighters do is a surprise and neither is the result. When you find out some odd factoid about a new Foo Fighters album like it features Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake, you can think to yourself, ‘oh, that’s interesting.’ But again, it’s not surprising. It’s not even surprising that Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and their cohorts decided to work with pop producer, “Greg Kurstin” from The Bird and The Bee. Dave Grohl knows what he’s doing, and the final product of “Concrete and Gold” is another solid entry into the Foo Fighters catalog.

The only reason to gripe about the latest Foo Fighters album is that there’s not really a song that you’ll remember for years. You’ll appreciate the album if you’re a fan – and of course – you’ll come back to it. But there’s not really that lone song that you’ll identify with the album ten years from now. Instead, “Concrete and Gold” is just kind of a steady collection of songs that you can listen to as a set repeatedly. There’s so many odd turns on the album and cool album tracks that you’ll find yourself appreciating the album in a completely unique way than you’ve appreciated Foo Fighters albums in the past. It’s funny that when they’re working with a producer that specializes in pop music they created their most complete album-like record in years.

Other than feeling like a complete album, the most interesting thing about the latest Foo record is the overall vibe/tone of the record. It’s very much like a classic rock album. Except for some modern effects on the record, this record has the vibe of a 60s/70s rock album. In that way it stands out from what the band has done on its previous eight albums too.

The Foo Fighters continue their reign with “Concrete and Gold” – another solid entry to the band’s body of work. They continue putting out great music and hopefully they keep going.


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