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Something To Tell You

There are few acts going that are as talented as the trio of HAIM is. As songwriters, they’re outstanding. From a lyrical standpoint, they write lyrics that the listener can grasp something from on the surface and below it. Then as far as writing songs and being able to write a quality hook – there are few artists going that can match what this trio does either. On the band’s sophomore album, “Something To Tell You” both of those skills are showcased in big ways.

The three sisters that make up Haim – Este, Danielle, and Alana are all talented but Danielle is insanely good. On this record, you can tell that she really went after things on a song writing level. On some of these songs we get a decent glimpse into her day-to-day and it manages to connect with the listener. Danielle’s words are great but her vocal is perfectly smooth all over this record. All of the songs on this record are great – from the upbeat songs like “Little of Your Love” or the softer moments like “Kept Me Crying”, everything here is worthy of multiple listens. If there’s one criticism that I have it’s that “Something to Tell You” is A LOT alike the trio’s debut “Days Are Gone” you can listen to the albums one into the other and without looking you wouldn’t be able to tell the switch. It would be nice if each record had their own identity. Still you can’t say anything negative about the songs, the production, or the performances so it feels like nitpicking.

Haim’s sophomore record is just as good as their first, and that’s saying something. It’s a fantastic listen and one of the better records to come out this year.


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