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Bastille’s performance with the Live from Spotify, London is a fun four-song listen that showcases how good the band is live. Frontman Dan Smith’s vocal is equally impressive here as it is on the band’s last two studio records and the usage of horns and various instrumentation on the live recording really pushes a different kind of life forward with these four songs.

The four songs featured on the live EP are “Send Them Off”, “Fake It”, “Good Grief”, and “Two Evils.” “Send Them Off” starts things off in the right way and you really have to appreciate the use of the horns in the track. They’re a nice touch. “Fake It” is a song with minimal instrumentation – it’s mostly piano and Dan Smith singing – and it really showcases the talent of Smith. “Good Grief” is a great song and it almost sounds out identical to the studio version of the voice with the creepy voice sample. Surprising though is how good the song sounds live – the horns and instrumentation in the song really grab the listener’s attention. “Two Evils” is a lot like “Fake It” – it’s minimal instrumentation with some basic guitar instead of the piano and again – Dan Smith’s delivers at the forefront.

The Spotify Live release of Bastille is worth listening to on the service. It’s a quick but fun four-song foray into the live set of one of the best bands going right now.


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