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Secret Weapons

As the setting sun comes crashing down on me

Brooklyn-based Secret Weapons are quickly becoming one of our all-time favorite pop duos. Their debut album just dropped and As the setting sun comes crashing down on me is as strong of a debut pop album that you’ll hear. It’s filled with infectious melodies and some insanely addictive hooks.

As far as debut albums go, this one is damn good. The first seven songs are all fantastic. One after another they just keep coming and the album never really lets up. That said, the best song of the album is a two-parter and it’s the eighth and ninth track on the album. “Betty You Gone Wrong (Midnight Song, Pt. 1)” and “Betty You Gone Wrong (Midnight Song, Pt. 2”) are insane. The two-part blaster puts forth how good these guys can be. Even though it’s not exactly a six-minute song, between the two tracks it is, and it’s probably the best six-minute pop song you’re likely to hear. It’s fantastic.

Secret Weapons put their best foot forward on “As the setting sun comes crashing down on me.” Some of these songs have been released before, but they haven’t grown stale, and the new stuff is just as good. Secret Weapons are something new and something good.


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