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We Don't Need To Whisper - Acoustic EP

Angels & Airwaves just released the “We Don’t Need To Whisper – Acoustic EP” – a four-song EP that celebrates the band’s debut with new and stripped-down arrangements of some of the of the top tracks of the album.

The four songs that AVA’s Tom Delonge chose to record acoustically for the set include “Valkyrie Missile”, “Distraction”, “Do It for Me Now”, and “The Adventure” and all four of them sound bizarrely good as stripped-down songs. It’s interesting to hear what they used for filler because all four of these songs are so production heavy. There’s lots of claps used for “Distraction.” There’s a very odd drum rhythm used for “Do It for Me Now”, it sounds a bit like somebody playing the triangle. “The Adventure” uses something like a stomp rhythm at the front of the song. What’s interesting with all four of these songs are all the bits and fillers they used to substitute the big heavy production the band did normally does. It worked wonderfully well. The production, the acoustic instrumentation, and the just the general strength of these songs makes this a wonderful EP.

This acoustic EP came out of nowhere but right away it’s a personal favorite of mine and I wish we could have gotten more from the album in the acoustic environment. Say what you want about Delonge – with all the Blink-182 drama, his ambition with aliens and extraterrestrial studies, or just being a media mogul – his true strength is his ability to write amazing songs and it always has been. This is the perfect example of that.


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