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For a band to get away with putting out two albums in over ten years they must put on one hell of a live show, and that’s what Motograter does. They’re a live band. They’re great in that environment. Knowing that going in to their latest album “Desolation” - it makes what they put together that much more impressive.

Motograter invented an entire instrument. So, as far as experimentation goes – they’ve won. On this album, they’re not doing a ton of experimentation, but they’re doing enough to keep things interesting. Apart from standard metal instrumentation and things like that, there’s a still some nu-metal influence here. Although that’s how the band started out years ago, it’s still weird to hear on an album in 2017. This album isn’t as much about experimentation as it is about an impressive thrashing sound mixed in with a cool vocal from James Anthony Legion. On songs like “Dorian”, where’s it’s a little melodic but still extremely heavy he never ceases to impress. Really, everything musicianship-wise is impressive with this record.

This is an album that’s fourteen years in the making, but it sounds like they used their time wisely. There were no shortcuts taken in the music or in the lyrics. It’s a great album for metal fans and hopefully Motograter can keep up the momentum they’ve undoubtedly earned with this record.


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