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Jack's Mannequin

Everything In Transit

With Something Corporate on hiatus, frontman Andrew McMahon returns with his side project Jack’s Mannequin. While this album might not cover any ground that McMahon hasn’t already visited with Something Corporate, it’s hard to argue that McMahon doesn’t have a unmistakable sound. While the CD might say Jack’s Mannequin, don’t fool yourself, this the same brilliant piano driven rock that McMahon addicted us to back when he splashed onto the scene with Something Corporate. From the opening piano keys of “Holiday from Real” through the current single “The Mixed Tape” to the highly addictive “Bruised”, its clear from the first tracks that McMahon has put his unique fingerprint on this album, just like he has done on every other album he’s released. Lyrically this album might be some of McMahon’s finest work, written over the past year, and in light of the news of McMahon’s recent diagnosis of Leukemia. While McMahon might be fighting this serious disease, his lyrics couldn’t be more heartfelt, with cries of desperation, depression, and frustration. While this album might not recruit new legions of fans, it will definitely satisfy Something Corporate fans, and fans of the piano rock sub-genre.


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