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Connect The Dots

Misterwives’ new album “Connect The Dots” is a lot like their old one. There are a lot of great melodies and songs, Mandy Lee is an amazing vocalist, and they can paint an awesome sonic canvas with their music. “Connect The Dots” is a good outing from the 6-piece act out of New York, but it’s not quite as good as “Our Own House.”

The main reason why “Connect The Dots” isn’t on par with “Our Own House” is the songs. Sure, there’s some great hooks here, there’s some great chorus moments all over this record. The problem is that lyrically it’s just not up to snuff. Take the opening song on the album, “Machines” – over and over Lee says, ‘We’re not part of your machine.’ They kind of are. They have a publicist and they make pop music. Plus, they have a song here called “Revolution” which is like chant about individualism… when there are hundreds of songs just like it. The best moment on this record is “Drummer Boy” where it sounds like we get to connect with Lee on a personal level and it’s all the better for it.

In some ways “Our Own House” and “Connect The Dots” are the same record. The music sounds the same even if Misterwives tried to do new things lyrically that don’t resonate that well. It’s still a good record and if you liked the first one you’re going to listen to this one just as much.


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