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The Science of Letting Go

While the hype isn’t what it used to be around Smallpools, they’re still more than capable of writing some of the catchiest hooks imaginable and their latest EP, “The Science of Letting Go” proves that they’re still capable of putting out quality music too.

The new EP is just five songs long but these five songs are on par with what we heard on their last album, “Lovetap!” – a couple of them might be a little better. “Million Bucks” is about as fun of a song as you’re going to hear this year. “DJs & Porsches”, “Passenger Side”, and “Mother” are all solid too. “Centerfold” is right in the middle of the EP but it might be the best part of it – it sounds like the most organic song that Smallpools has done to date and it’s a positive change in the middle of the set from the rest of the EP.

All five of these songs from Smallpools on “The Science of Letting Go” are solid. It would be nice if the band included a little more in this release – another song or two would go a long way – but this EP will tide over fans for at least a few months.


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