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Companion Part One

Upon hearing that Jeremiah Freed was returning with new music, I almost squealed with delight. One of our favorite bands of all time was coming back to put out something new. Upon listening to “Companion Part One,” I can say that I’m still just as excited. The chemistry that this band had 15 years ago is still there, and most importantly, their musicianship and the vocal of Joseph Smith is still there too. Jeremiah Freed is on the Mt. Rushmore of lost acts from the 2000s and this release solidifies that opinion.

The start of the EP is a little rough. The song, “Hey Mama” is okay itself but it’s a tad too long for the first song the fade in of the song just feels weird. That’s the only real problem with this set, everything else is outstanding. Outside of the first 30 seconds “Hey Mama” is a great song. “Heartbreak Atlanta” is brilliant. “On Fire” is on par with the first Jeremiah Freed classic “Again.” The guitars sound awesome, the drums are more of a focal point and Smith sings with a ton of energy on the song.

It’s great to have Jeremiah Freed back to doing what they do best... rocking out. If you were lucky enough to be on board with the first record then you’ll love what the band is doing here. If you weren’t, you should listen to both albums because they’re classics. It’s amazing to have some new music from Jeremiah Freed out in the world again.


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