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John Feldmann is one of those guys who you can’t help but respect. He founded one of the coolest bands in punk/pop-punk history with Goldfinger. He has one of the most identifiable voices in music over the past thirty years. Every time he has a production credit on something, I know that sonically… it’s going to be damned good. So when Feldmann announced he was reforming Goldfinger with Mike Herrera of MXPX on bass and Phil “Moon” Snead from Story of the Year/Greek Fire on Guitars… well I’m in. Add Travis Barker on drums on all but one song, Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots on the other song, and then a guest vocal from Mark Hoppus on a song… I’m really all in.

Most of Goldfinger’s highlights come off of “Hang-Ups” and their self-titled album, but 2002’s “Open Your Eyes” was by far a personal favorite from the band. This new album is like that album in a lot of ways. It has more pop sensibilities than most of Goldfinger’s stuff. It’s got a lot of variety to it. Sure, there’s a lot of typical pop-punk songs but there’s also plenty of different elements added in. There’s also witty lyrics from Feldmann all over this record – see “Am I Deaf” & “Orthodontist Girl.”

With all of these big names you’d expect this album to be good. It exceeds the hype. The production is amazing. Feldmann’s lyrics/vocals are amazing. Barker’s drums are insane. The guitar/bass work done by Herrera/Snead are equally as good and the guest vocal with Hoppus is a highlight on the album. If you’re an old fan of the genre then you’ll love this record. If you’re an old fan of Goldfinger, you’re going to love this record. If you like good music, you’ll love this record. It’s damn good.


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