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Ded from Phoenix, AZ will excite fans of hardcore music with their debut album, “MIs-An-thrope” the band’s shredding guitars, to go along with frontman Joe Cotela’s badass scream, punch you right in the face. Better though, the band impresses in every chorus – whether it has a hook or not.

“Mis-An-thrope” produced with the help of John Feldman, sounds amazing. There’s not a production choice that could have been done better here. Everything is on point from Feldman and Ded. As much as the sonics of this record are great, Ded is impressive because Cotela is a monster. His screaming and his singing are spot-on. There’s anger and the range that pours out of the speakers with this album, and fans of the genre will like that. But Cotela’s voice when there’s some real melody in the chorus is outstanding… it makes this record what it is. Guitar work done by David Ludlow can’t be undersold either, he shreds all over this record.

“Mis-An-thrope” is a solid hardcore/metal/hard rock album from a band that should have your attention. Be on the lookout for Ded to rise to the top and keep going in the genre, they’re too good not to.


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