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Go On, Great Immortal


Gogi Randhawa formed Go On, Great Immortal without an idea that the acronym for his band name happened to be his first name. That was a serendipitous moment for Gogi and it’s the perfect encapsulation of what he does with his debut album, “Flawed.” It’s a beast of a rock album and a ton of fun to listen to for mainstream and modern rock fans. It’s also interesting because it’s the first big project of Gogi as a solo musician. We must say he did a damn excellent job.

With Gogi’s skill and experience as a guitarist it could be assumed that would be the first thing you’d notice and the best thing about the album. That’s true, but it’s even better than you’d even expect. The guitars seem to sound different on every. It’s not just the guitars that sound good though – for a self-produced album and a first time outing at that, this is damn good. Guitars sound great, the bass sounds great, and even the drums – which Gogi was nervous about – sound outstanding. Added effects and Gogi’s ability as a bassist are clear bonuses as well. The only thing that I’ll say is that as different as things are from song to song, sometimes that’s not always the case; especially at the front of the album. Other than that, it’s an outstanding listen.

You have to respect Gogi as an artist and what he did here. He saw something he wanted to do and pushed through some inner-turmoil and put together something that he can be insanely proud of. It’s not a perfect record by any means, but for a self-produced, self-funded, first-time outing as a solo artist – it’s pretty freakin’ good.


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