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There are a few bands that you listen through and you’re immediately intrigued by. Hedera happens to be one of those bands. Made up of five friends who’ve known each other since high school, the band is a fun mash up of rock, soul, blues, and jazz. You’ll be addicted the first time you hear a vocal hook in a chorus on the band’s debut 7-song release, “Helix.”

The immediate draw in factor with Hedera is the vocal sang by Christopher Federici. Federici is reminiscent of David Ryan Harris – he played guitar on tour with John Mayer for years but he also fronted an amazing band called Brand New Immortals. He’s an instant attention grabber and Federici has that same type of voice. The first song on this EP had us floored. The combination of Federci’s vocal with this band’s odd ability to make songs that are unpredictable and catchy at the same time makes “Helix” a fun listen. Hedera does an amazing job of using all their influences – the jazz/blues/rock background to their fullest potential. You can hear bits and pieces all over this record.

Hedera’s “Helix” is a must-listen if you’re a fan of independent music. This is good. Really good. Federici’s vocal is amazing and the rest of the band compliments him extremely well. Hopefully more people latch on to this because it deserves to be heard.


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