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The debut record from LANY will be considered at worst a strong introduction and at best an iconic debut album. That much can be said for every debut but things feel different with LANY. After all, it’s been a long time since a pop-rock band has come along with this unique and easily distinguished of a sound.

LANY is instantly identifiable once you’ve listened to more than one song - not only for Paul Klein’s identifiable voice but for their own unique use of the synth. The synth is a big asset for the band on this record – it’s very atmospheric and they use it alongside of Klein’s vocal perfectly. The instrumentation and the production is strong across the whole record but it’s Klein that steals the show. Not only does his voice command attention, his lyrics do too. He has his own unique style of writing simple but intricate lyrics; kind of like Stephen Jenkins but less abstract. Not every band out there can get away with having songs like “Dumb Stuff” and “Super Far” and pull them off the way that LANY does.

LANY’s debut is 16 tracks long – that’s far longer than what most bands are doing these days. The problem is that not all the 15 or so actual songs that are here were good enough to make a record. It would have served them better to cut three or four tracks and move forward with a stronger set.

This album might be a few songs too long but it doesn’t lack for hit potential. We’re waiting for the rest of the world to latch on to “ILYSB” and if that doesn’t work, “Super Far” could get it done too. There’s no less than six amazing songs here and that’s a quality amount for any album. LANY’s debut will be judged better five years down the road if the band is still going but we’ll just call it one of our favorite records of 2017.


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