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Sweet Lemonade EP

Cincinnati trio PUBLIC is back with a new EP. The EP titled, “Sweet Lemonade” is five songs of bouncy pop fun. It’s an interesting release from the group because it goes for a different sound than the band’s last few works, especially from a production standpoint.

On the surface, this EP doesn’t sound that different from what the band’s released in the past; but when you dig in and really listen to what’s going on you notice some different production strategies that weren’t there before. There’s far less synth work going on here than what most bands are doing in the indie pop genre. You’ll hear some of it, but the bass that’s being played here is more of an organic sound that what most acts are doing. The same thing can be said for the drums and the guitar work – they’re recorded and produced in a way that they sound perfect. They’re not overdone or over-filtered.

If there’s something that’s not great with this EP it’s that these songs aren’t quite as good as what the band has released in the past – that’s as a set. “4Her” is a winner and the same can be said for “Sugarcane.” “Perfect” approaches the reggae genre a little too much for this band and “On My Mind” features some odd jazz flute sound that would make Ron Burgundy jealous. It’s not bad… it’s just a little different.

PUBLIC’s EP isn’t perfect but it’s still really good. These five songs will make their way to people’s playlists over the next few months and there’s a couple of songs here that have a chance to be on them a lot longer. Give this a sample, these guys are solid.


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