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I Don't Like Being Honest EP

On Red Bull Records, the quartet of The Aces should have your attention. Consisting of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, Katie Henderson, and McKenna Petty – the band just released their debut EP “I Don’t Like Being Honest.”

The four songs on this EP are all great. They’re written extremely well with powerfully honest lyrics and some catchy melodies. The lyrics are the group’s best asset. On songs like “Stuck” and “Physical” – Cristal Ramirez tackles subjects like sex in an honest and passionate way – and in a way that we really haven’t heard the subject being sang about/talked about from a female point of view. What’s better is that they don’t have a gimmick – being honest is just a trait and more importantly – the fact that they’re an all-female group doesn’t feel like a gimmick either. They hold up just fine with how good of a band they are and how good these four songs are.

The Aces will find places in your playlists with these four songs. They’re honest and entertaining and they’re performed and produced extremely well. The biggest complaint is that there’s not more content here. Two songs that have been out for months and two new songs aren’t much of an addition to the library. Hopefully we hear more from The Aces very soon.


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