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When Imagine Dragons released their first album they were getting a ton of exposure. “Night Visions” had hit after hit come off the record and they were the first alternative band in years to come out with a record with the staying power that it had. The sophomore album didn’t go over as well, but it wasn’t bad. “Smoke + Mirrors” wasn’t as good of a record and it didn’t have the same effect that the first record had. Fast-forward to the band’s new record “Evolve” and Imagine Dragons are set up extremely well with their third record. It’s an outstanding album that has the potential to match the prowess of their debut album.

Why’s “Evolve” so good? Imagine Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds certainly contributes with a powerful vocal throughout the record, but he’s not the primary reason. The song writing on Evolve is insanely good. Whether it’s a catchy chorus or a powerful verse – the lyrics are all outstanding, but the melodies on these songs are incredible. “Whatever It Takes”, “Believer”, and “Thunder” will be played at Imagine Dragons shows as long as the band is going. “Rise Up” is the best song on the record and it will be a new favorite for a lot of fans thanks to an excellent chorus and a cool harmony moment. The songwriting is great, but just as solid is the production. Every second of this record has an unmatched attention to detail and sound. It’s one of the best produced records that you’re likely to hear.

Imagine Dragons didn’t lose their form on their sophomore album but they didn’t keep the same pace that they established. With this new record, they’re not only back to where they were, they have the potential to go even further. An outstanding record and an early favorite for record of the year, go and listen to Imagine Dragons’ “Evolve” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital retailers.


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