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Out of Detroit, we love everything that Kaleido is doing right now. On their debut LP, this female fronted five piece explodes energy through the speakers across this album filled with rock anthems and ballads.

“Die Tryin’” has an amazing hook in the chorus to go along with some exceptional guitar solos. “On One” and “No More Little Miss Nice Bitch” showcase the band’s edginess with fun hooks and better instrumentation. The entire album is put together and produced extremely well and it’s a fun independent album that you’ll find something to like on if you’re a fan of Paramore or No Doubt. A huge part of why the album is as good as it is – it’s Christina Chriss. She’s massively talented and a lot of the energy that you’re hearing on the album comes directly from her. Whether it’s a slower song, or an upbeat rocker, she’s amazing. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorite rock vocalists just based on this album. She’s outstanding here and she sings with both confidence and charisma.

“Experience” is a fun record from Kaleido and overall just a great rock record that doesn’t sound like anything anybody else is putting out right now.


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