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James Hersey

Pages EP

An EP that was recorded in just 10 days, James Hersey’s "Pages" EP is a short emotional journey. The lyrics will get the gears spinning in your head and the music will keep your feet tapping through these five songs.

The Vienna-born but Berlin-based singer/songwriter’s first crowd will always be the club scene in Europe, but I’m not sure it should be. The vocal delivery of Hersey is incredibly impressive. He’s smooth and unique and on songs like “Everyone’s Talking” that vocal really stands out. In fact, some of these house beats detract from Hersey’s vocal, and that’s a damn shame. “Miss You” has some great programming, but it doesn’t touch what Hersey can do vocally. The only song that really captures what the voice can do perfectly is “Everyone’s Talking”, it’s also worth noting that the hook there is simple and effective and the overall vibe of that song compared to the rest of the EP is completely different.

Hersey’s music will be a hit regardless of whether this stuff detracts from the vocal he can put out or not. Part of that is because he’s an accomplished producer and he can program his sounds/beats extremely well, and part of that will be because of the vocal. It would be nice if he recorded more vocal-driven songs, but that is what it’s going to be. This is still a good EP and one that’s worth listening to so you can pick and choose what you’ll start putting on your daily playlists.


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