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Makes Me Sick

New Found Glory has been pop punk when it wasn’t cool, when it was, when it wasn’t again, and they still are during the genre’s nostalgic kick we’re currently experiencing. They’ve always been there and they’ve always been who they are for better or for worse. Blink-182 is the band that gets thought of most out of the pop punk era, but New Found Glory is kind of the standard for the hardcore fans of the genre. Now, they’re back with a new album, “Makes Me Sick” and it’s an outstanding NFG album, just like you’d expect.

The album sounds like a pop punk album through and through. In fact, some of the band’s best work of this latter chapter of their tenure is on this album. Guitarist Chad Gilbert has delivered some amazing guitar lines throughout this album and Jordan Putnik’s vocal has aged far better than anyone could have hoped for. Across this album there’s not a bad song for a New Found Glory fan and there’s a lot of relevant content for a band filled with old dudes being sang and delivered for a crowd of mostly older fans. There’s a lot to be said of aging with your fan base and New Found Glory has done that well over the past decade.

New Found Glory’s “Makes Me Sick” won’t go down as the band’s best album, but longtime fans of the band will love it just like they have most of the band’s work. There are some big highlights to go along with some forgettable moments but it’s a trip that any pop punk fan will want to go on.


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