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Back for the first time since “Plastic Beach”, The Gorillaz might have more fanfare now than they ever before. Their new album “Humanz” has arrived to some major recognition and there’s even talk of a TV show in the works. The coolest fictional band around has come a long way since the debut single “Clint Eastwood.”

Some thoughts on “Humanz”… it’s a typical Gorillaz record – it meshes dreary lyrics with monotone vocals on top of some addictive beats. That’s the style, and although they’ve pushed their boundaries in the past and here, they haven’t lost their original sound. Because of that, listening to the group has never been a chore but listening through an entire album always has. That’s probably never been truer than it is with “Humanz” – the Gorillaz self-proclaimed party for the end of the world. It’s artistically depressing and meant to be that way. The Gorillaz have relied on guest spots as they’re catalog has grown deeper and this is certainly no exception. There are more guest spots here than you can count with De La Soul and Rag’n’Bone Man among them. Some of the guest spots work great, others aren’t used to their full potential.

The Gorillaz Humanz will be listened to by a lot of people, as it should be, it’s a solid piece of music. That said, it’s going to be a hard album for me to keep coming back to repeatedly outside of a few songs - thanks to some depressing but accurate lyrical content and some unevenness in quality across the album. A good release, but certainly not a great one.


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