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The Maine

Lovely Little Lonely

The Maine just celebrated their tenth year as a band and they couldn’t have found a better way to kick off year 11, by putting out yet another badass album. Produced to perfection and featuring more great song writing from the guys, The Maine’s “Lovely Little Lonely” will keep long-time listeners plenty happy until the band puts out their eighth album.

There’s a lot to like about Love Little Lonely. First for me as is every other album from The Maine, it starts out with John O’Callaghan and his vocal work. He and the band write the perfect stuff for him to be able to show off his talents. There’s so many songs that do that perfectly on the album, from “Don’t Come Down” to “Black Butterflies and Deju Vu” - O’Callaghan is spot-on time and time again. The work on vocals and the guitar work from Jared Monaco and Kennedy Brock are excellent but you can’t short change the work that Pat Kirch does on the drums and Garret Nickelsen does on bass. The band is as tight as they can be thanks to years of playing with each other and whether this is tracked or not you can hear their chemistry all over this record.

The Maine’s “Lovely Little Lonely” holds up with the rest of the band’s work. There are several songs that could be put on a greatest hits compilation if they ever decide to put one out, but more importantly there are lots of songs on this album that are going to sound really good in the live setting.


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