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Message From Sylvia

Message From Sylvia

It’s been a while since I’ve liked a hard rock album as much as I like Message From Sylvia’s self-titled debut. It’s produced to perfection, it features a sick vocal, and the music is flavored perfectly. It’s edgy when it needs to be, it’s catchy when it needs to be, and overall, it’s just damn good.

Message from Sylvia is led by Matthew Nevitt, the former lead vocalist of now defunct rock group Dory Drive. Dory Drive wasn’t a bad group, but Message From Sylvia sounds and feels like it has a legitimate chance to take off. The reasoning for that is Nevitt’s vocal, but it’s also because of the guitar and bass work by brothers Isaac and Dane Lopez-Smith. The production mixed with the style of the two makes for music that’s hard and both vibrant. Some guys just play loud and it’s hard to hear what they’re playing. For these guys, they play loud and you can make out every nuance that they’re throwing into the formula.

As far as songs go, there are some stellar tracks on this album. “Heart of War”, “Victim of Yourself”, and “Crystal Ball” stand out as favorites but the album is good enough that everybody should be able to pick their own. You can’t say enough positive things about the song list on this album, the production, Nevitt’s vocal and the work done by the Lopez-Smith brothers. It’s outstanding. This is the first hard rock album that I’ve enjoyed from a band that wasn’t Breaking Benjamin in years. If you’re a fan of the genre in the least little bit you’ll want to search for this one and give it a listen right away.


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