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After gaining some notoriety outside of their native Germany with their song “Stolen Dance”, Milky Chance returns with a new album “Blossom”. The new album hits on what Clemens Rehbein and Phillipp Dausch did well on the last album and certainly adds some new elements to that.

While Blossom plays through as an excellent listen, the front of the record isn’t that great. The first two songs sound like everything the band did on their last album. They sound like the exact same song even though they’re obviously two different tracks too. The title track isn’t bad, but there’s not really anything unique that makes it pop out. After the second track, “Ego”, that changes. “Firebird” is an insanely cool song and “Doing Good” is almost as good. After those tracks the album runs off song after song that has something unique or identifiable about it. After the beginning of the album something boring turns into something magnificent.

Rehbein and Dausch provide us with 15 tracks of quality music on “Blossom” even if it does start out a bit slow, throw in the acoustic tracks at the end of the record and it’s an album you’ll find something you like on. What’s cool about Milky Chance is that it’s accessible to everyone and this album pushes that further. It’s a good album that you’ll want to check out.


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