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Cambridge quintet Mallory Knox are back with their third album and their first record for a major label, “Wired.” The album sounds a lot like other bands that share similar space that the band does even if they’ve been doing it for a considerable amount of time before Malloy Knox came along - think Taking Back Sunday and You Me At Six as comparisons. It’s rock enough to not be played on Top 40, but it’s pop enough to find an audience of people in the masses.

On “Wired” Mallory Knox is trying to put their best foot forward at the front of the album. There’s no doubt that they’re doing that with catchy songs like “Giving It Up” and “California.” Both of those songs will catch ears immediately on the first listen through this album. You can say that for the title track, “For You” and “Midnight” too. When they get to the middle of the album and, “Better Off Without You”, that’s when things get different. It’s an authentic song with an original sound. It’s the heart of the album and it be could start to be the core of what Mallory Knox does. The poppier songs at the beginning of the album are great but everything after and including “Better Off Without You” plays like an album and plays like something that we haven’t heard hundreds of times before by different bands. They take a quick pop break with “Come Back Around” but even then, it has its moments.

Wired is what you would expect a Mallory Knox major label debut to sound like. A lot of hooks, a little experimentation, and loud guitars. Oh – and Mikey Chapman’s badass vocal. It’s a good album and one you’re going to enjoy listening to. That said, more risks taken by the band on the next record would be a welcome addition.


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