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The Orwells

Terrible Human Beings

The Orwells are back in a big way with “Terrible Human Beings.” They’re still as raunchy as they were with their debut album but they’ve grown considerably as musicians. They throw some introspection on this record for good measure.

The latest from The Orwells is fun for a couple of reasons – the guitars and the debauchery. The guitar work here is amazing across the album. It’s awesome to hear a guitar driven record as a nice switch to all the synths we get in 2017. The debauchery is a staple for The Orwells. It’s here, and it’s fun to listen to, but there’s a contrast to it here too. Frontman Mario Cuomo sings about doing some awful stuff, but he also sings about how those things come back to haunt him. He even reflects on what his life would be like if he would have chosen a different career path. This is an entertaining record musically and sonically, that’s all you can really ask for out of an LP.

The Orwell’s “Terrible Human Beings” is a record you’ll want to listen to, especially if you’re a fan of guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a fun album start to finish and one you’ll want to keep coming back to.


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